UF Health The Villages® Hospital Auxiliary Foundation (“Sponsor”) intends for this event to be a ride, not a race.  As a ride participant, you should exercise caution and always ride with safety as your primary focus.  While local law enforcement will provide a measure of traffic control throughout portions of the course, this IS NOT a closed course.  You will be riding on open roads with vehicular traffic.  Obey all traffic laws and follow instructions from local law enforcement – especially as you navigate roundabouts and intersections.

We have endeavored to provide riders with adequate safety information through this notice and the Hearts for Our Hospital Big Bike Weekend website (H4HBikeWeekend.com).  In addition, pre-ride announcements will include any late breaking items of importance.  It is very important that you follow all safety guidance and instructions and remember the following:

  • A cycling helmet must be worn by each ride participant.
  • Maintain an awareness of vehicular traffic surrounding you.
  • Obey all traffic laws, instructions of local law enforcement, and warnings from ride marshals.
  • Ride single file and stay to the right at all times.
  • When passing other ride participants, pass on the left and clearly announce “ON YOUR LEFT!”
  • Watch for road hazards – pot holes, soft shoulders, and road debris. Call, and point out, hazards to your fellow riders.
  • SAG support is available, but you can speed yourself along if you carry a replacement tube, air, etc.
  • Do not ride your aerobars if you are in a pace line.
  • No earphones, iPods, MP3 players, etc.
  • No child carriers.

We have done our best to provide you with the necessary information to have a fun and safe ride.  Please remember, however, that road cycling is an inherently dangerous activity.  You are ultimately responsible for your own safety.  Follow the guidelines, law enforcement and use common sense.  The Sponsor reserves the right, without a refund of any portion of the entry fee, to remove any rider who fails to comply with these or other event rules or whose conduct is considered disorderly or abusive.


Fees are nonrefundable.


If you are unable to attend the event, refer to the cancellation & refund policy above.  If you wish to receive your event t-shirt or, if ordered, your event jersey, please contact the Sponsor at H4HBikeWeekend@gmail.com to make arrangements for delivery.  You will incur shipping costs if you wish to have your t-shirt or jersey mailed.


Riders must be at least 12 years of age on Ride Day.


Your bib number must be worn by all riders.

The bib should be attached to your outermost layer of clothing.  Your bib number will identify you to us and, in the unfortunate case of an accident, allow us to make notification to the emergency contacts you have provided.

You will also need the bib to obtain access to our well stocked Rest Stops!


Please do your part to leave the routes as clean or cleaner than when you started.  Ample waste receptacles will be available at each Rest Stop – use them!  Any empty food wrappers you generate while on the road love to be snuggled up to your warm body.

Make your wrappers happy – reach around and stick them in your jersey pocket!  You can unload them at your next Rest Stop.